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it’s 2014 and food can still make you fat get it together science

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In Philadelphia, you don’t say ‘I love you’. You say ‘CHEESESTEAK EAGLES PRETZEL WATER ICE go Phils’ which roughly translates into “I’ll fucking kill yous guys.” I think that’s beautiful.

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52 weeks ago I took a selfie after losing a little over 50 lbs. I could see some progress at that point. I felt great. I was working out, eating around 2,200 calories/day + had energy for days. I decided that photo would be my “official before photo” since I had failed to take any pictures when I started tracking my calories/working out in January 2013. I didn’t take pictures because GROSS.

One year later, I have a different hairstyle (thanks to #FacePlant2013), I’m eating around 1,200 calories/day, still working out, and planning a move to Philadelphia in the near future. So, this morning I put on the same shirt and decided to take a photo exactly one year later and see my progress. I was shocked when I could actually SEE it with my own eyes. You guys, this doesn’t happen that often. At all. Period.

I think when we look at our own bodies everyday in the mirror we fail to see what others may (or may not) see. I think seeing progress myself is something I needed. I’m sure I will be back to obsessively looking at my body in the mirror in a few hours, but for now? It feels great.

I had a doctors appointment Monday and my doctor asked me (again) how I was losing the weight. I’ve told her numerous times over the past year and a half that I’m simply counting calories, tracking everything I eat with an app and working out. She asked me if I’m in a support group or going to Weight Watchers. I explained to her (again) that I was not. That I wasn’t against those things, but I didn’t feel like I needed them at this time. I’ve had people ask me if I’ve had weight loss surgery. I think it’s hilarious that the notion of doing what we’ve always been told to do to lose weight is so shocking. EAT RIGHT. EXERCISE. It’s not brain surgery, people. If I can do it, anyone can. I mean that. Seriously.


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Title: Home Artist: Sheryl Crow 34 plays


Home - Sheryl Crow

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talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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You are not alone in this.

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